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RVs can be a little scary, can’t they?

You’re handed the keys after a hurried 15-minute walk-through. Now you’re in charge of a factory-built home on wheels that experiences a hurricane and an earthquake every time you drive through a rainstorm.

As an RV designer and practicing RV technician, I get your frustration. My industry isn’t necessarily known for award-winning customer service, now is it?

This blog contains industry-insider information about how RVs work. Get your info straight from the horse’s mouth – er, or mine, anyway. You have a friend on the “inside” now!

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EQ Systems - AM-Series Hydraulic Landing Gear on 5th Wheel With Power Unit
Loud RV Hydraulic Pump? Entrained Air Might Be the Culprit …

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Two cans of air conditioner spray coil cleaners
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Resetting the Excess Flow Valve Inside the Big Green ACME Nut on Your LP Pigtail

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How Does an RV Absorption Refrigerator Work? No, Really!

Call me suspicious, but I am skeptical of anyone who claims to comprehend the inner workings of an a…

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