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RVs can be a little scary, can’t they?

You’re handed the keys after a hurried 15-minute walk-through. Now you’re in charge of a factory-built home on wheels that experiences a hurricane and an earthquake every time you drive through a rainstorm.

As an RV designer and RV technician, I get your frustration. My industry isn’t necessarily known for award-winning customer service, now is it?

This blog contains industry-insider information about how RVs work. Get your info straight from the horse’s mouth – er, or mine, anyway. You have a friend on the “inside” now!

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Recent Posts

Here’s the Wrong Way to Reseal Your RV Roof

Everything on your roof – except for your air conditioner, which uses a thick foam gasket – is waterproofed with a butyl tape gasket underneath (where you can’t see) and a self-leveling cap sealant on

Did Your Water Tank Fall Off? Not My Problem …

In the same way that a jack-o-lantern represents Halloween or a bald eagle symbolizes ‘Murica, an RV is supposed to embody freedom: the open road, tomorrow’s adventures, fighting The Man.  But nothing is more disappointing

Old, Decrepit RV Roof? 5 Options for Repair!

Unfortunately, RV roofs age less like fine wine, more like milk. Within 10-25 years, most RV roofs look like an abandoned petri dish experiment. But with full roof replacements commonly costing $150 to $400 per

Cool RV Gear

At "Ross Recomends," I talk about some of the cool RV gear I think you should have. #1 on the list - a surge protector!

Discount Clubs

If you like saving money as much as I do, check out my top RV discount clubs and membership groups. Don't pay full price for camping any more!

Featured Partner

This month's featured partner: SkyRoam! If you're hunting for unlimited WiFi on the road, SkyRoam is hands-down my favorite choice.

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