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How Much Do Campers (Actually) Weigh? (2021 With Examples)

The average camper trailer weighs around 5,900 pounds and is about 26 feet long. This includes the weight of the travel trailer without any gear or filled tanks. Expect to add about 200 pounds of cargo per person and 300 pounds of fresh water.

RV Tech Guides

What Is a Walkable RV Roof?

If you’ve spent any time in the sights of an RV salesperson, you’ve heard the claim, “And this here RV has a walkable roof!” Which

Should I Use Silicone On My RV?

Silicone is the caulk everyone loves to hate. Visit any RV forum, and you’ll see silicone lynched and hung in effigy. Is silicone really so

Travel Tips

Walkie Talkies: RV Travel Tip

The Colorado Great Sand Dunes, the Louisiana Bayou, eastern Montana Big Sky Country, Oregon’s Hells Canyon, the Pennsylvania Wilds – I’ve been to all of

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