Hello Reader!

In the theater business, what I’m about to do is called “breaking the fourth wall.” I want us to talk as one person to another, not world-famous-blogger-to-reader.*

(That’s a joke, by the way.)

I’m writing this explanation because trust is important. And trust is hard to come by in the online world, where most websites are like a hungry spider waiting in her web. Click a button and – bam! – you’re ensnared in a full-page popup without an exit button. Or you’re trying to download a helpful infographic, and the site is asking for your full name, email address, and name of your favorite childhood pet.

And let’s be honest – you’ve probably stumbled on a few RV websites where the grammar stinks, you can tell they’ve never actually touched what they’re talking about, the product reviews are stolen from real customer reviews, and every. single. link. points to Amazon.com!

So let’s chat about money, particularly how, why (and if) this blog makes money.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth: If a blog never makes money, it won’t survive. If this blog never makes a dime, then I can’t afford hosting, site maintenance, domain name registration, page building software, and all the other bits of software and service behind a successful website.

Plus, writing a 4,400-word tome on RV indoor air quality takes, well, a lot of my time!

Not to sound brazen, but I want my content to be the best on the web. If you’re looking for content on, say, RV battery charging, or towing your camper, then I want my stuff to be the Britannica Encyclopedia of that topic.

(An encyclopedia, kids, is a big book of authoritative reference information organized by alphabetical order.)

(…what? Well, a book is like a website, but instead of clicking to get to the next page, you flip a thin, rectangular sheet made of compressed wood pulp).

That’s my strategy for growing a readership: If you build (the best), they will come. Of course, even though I have a lot of experience as a professional in the RV industry, I’m always learning! The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

If I had to condense my philosophy of making money into two rules:

  1. Add more value!
  2. Keep content accessible.

Over the past few months, you may have noticed display advertisements popping up. I partner with a premium ad network to show you advertisements related to your interests.

You may not find all of these ads useful. But sometimes, one may pop up that catches your interest. If you click that ad, I earn a dollar or two.

I limit the number of ads allowed per page because I don’t want them to detract or distract. However, I believe that display ads ultimately serve you. Earning money from display ads allows me to keep my online content 100% free – and you don’t have to do anything!

You’ll also see occasional links or buttons to physical products or stores, such as Amazon or Camping World.

Again, I only include these affiliate links where helpful! If you read my guide to surge protectors, for instance, you’ll find links to these products on Amazon. If you find a surge protector you like, you can conveniently purchase it!

If you click through and purchase, then I earn a small (tiny, actually) commission at no extra cost to you. Again, it’s a simple way for me to earn a little income without compromising your user experience or the quality of the content.

I also distribute some digital products, such as my 100-point RV PDI inspection checklist. Some of these digital products may cost money; most are free!

You also have the option to sign up for my email list. I never sell or give away ANY of your personal information! Email is just a convenient way for us to connect.

I don’t believe in clickbait or affiliate link stuffing or selling your personal information. In fact, I hate that business model, and I don’t think it works long-term. It exploits the Reader rather than serving them.

So, that’s how this blog makes money. To be honest, it doesn’t make that much. I could make more money per hour running a lemonade stand!

But I love designing RVs, I love traveling, and I hope my expertise in this industry will help you. Like I said, I work in the RV industry. And without RV owners like you, I’m out of a job! So we’re basically helping each other.

So I can’t thank you enough for supporting this website with your readership. With your continued support, I can keep growing this website into the best free resource for technical RV information on the web.