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This blog tends to lean toward the technical, how-to, DIY side of the RV world. But there’s a whole other hemisphere of RVing: Insurance and financing, buying and selling, Wifi service, pet traveling tips … the list just goes on! I just can’t let you go without telling you about some of my favorite RV membership clubs.

RV Membership Clubs Are The Best!

IMHO, RV membership clubs are the unsung heroes of the RV world. If you camp more than twice a year, there’s literally no excuse not to be in one. None. You get discounts, educational materials, mail forwarding services, gasoline and fuel savings, etc.

In most cases, if you flex your membership just twice a year at a campground, it pays for itself!

Or another way to say it: You are literally paying money not to be in an RV membership club! Which makes no sense.

In fact, I love these clubs so much that I’m a product ambassador. So when you click on the “Join” link and sign up, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. That helps support this site and all this awesome free content that it took me a loooooong time to write! So please use the “Join” links below to complete your sign-up. If you don’t, you’ll hurt my feelings, and I’ll give you the silent treatment for a week.

Finally, I’m either a member of these clubs, or I’ve spoken in-depth with friends about their experiences. I’ve also researched their pros and cons, and I’ve tried to be honest about what you’re getting (or not getting). 

P.S. You can also support this site by purchasing some of the cool gear and innovations I tell you about at Ross Recommends RV Gear.

Alright, that’s enough schmoozing. Here’s the list!

Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club has been around since 1978, and they’re probably my favorite all-around RV Club.

First and foremost, it’s a fun community: all ages, all RVs, all types of travelers. You can join a local chapter, form a social group, party at Xscapers, meet new RVers in your area, whatever you want.

Escapees is also the largest private mail forwarding service in the country. Many full-timers use Escapees’ mail forwarding service to establish a legal domicile while traveling.

Other perks and benefits include:

  • Join a Birds of a Feather social interest group.
  • New to RVing? Try their RVer Boot Camp or Online RVers University!
  • Discount pharmacy drug program.
  • Get tire discounts with Goodyear tires.
  • Find a workamping job at the RVer Job Exchange.
  • Find discounted campsites at over 800 national locations!
  • Get 4-wheel position weighing with Smart Weigh 

You can become an “SKP” by clicking the button below!

Cost for a standard one-year membership is $39.95 (US-only). Canada and Mexico are both $49.95 per year.

Harvest Hosts

It’s no secret there aren’t enough campgrounds to go around (as COVID has proven time and time again). 

And while I’m a big fan of boondocking, it’s no secret that primitive camping is limited outside of the Mountain West. 

Enter your solution: Harvest Hosts.

Harvest Hosts is a simple, brilliant idea: Partner with wineries, farms, museums, attractions, golf courses, and other private businesses that wish to host overnight RV parking.

And boy, has it taken off. As a Harvest Hosts member, you’ll have access to more than 3,000 nationwide locations!

You can view their hosts locations map by clicking here.

And you pay NOTHING except for the annual membership fee!

Although it is considered proper to purchase something from your host (such as a bottle of wine, a wedge of cheese, or a museum ticket) to show your appreciation. Kind of like tipping. But then again, who needs to force you to purchase a bottle of wine? 

Joining Harvest Hosts A) saves you money and B) spices up your RV life. You could be enjoying a wedge of cheese one night at a family-owned dairy farm, and the next evening, playing golf on a 18-hole par-3 course. 

Parking is for 24 hours only. Most locations don’t have hookups. 

Standard membership is $99/year. If you want golf, it’s $139. Either way, it’s a swell deal. Use it twice, and you’ve paid for the membership entirely!

Passport America

If you camp more than twice a year and you’re not using Passport America, you are literally wasting money.

Passport America is the original (and largest) 50% discount camping club. It partners with more than 1,200 campgrounds across North America (including Mexico and Canada) to provide you 50% off the regular nightly rate on a space availability basis.

You can find participating campground directories on the Passport America website, mobile apps, printed camping directory, and e-directories.

There are no restrictions on how many times you flex your membership. No restrictions on the length of stay. Just show up, flash your card, and save money.

The one downside to Passport America is that “space availability basis” thing. That generally means blackout dates around major holidays and busy summer weekends.

However … since the annual membership fee is only $44 … so long as you use the Passport America travel card once, you’ve paid for your membership! 

Good Sam Club

A Good Sam Club membership is one of the most popular RV club memberships, and for good reason.

For one, it’s cheap. Membership starts at just $29/year. 

For another, it’s weekend warrior-friendly. A lot of recreational RVers shop at Camping World and Gander RV. If you shop at either of these locations, you  need a Good Sam Club membership!

Perks of the base membership include:

  • 10% off nightly rates at more than 2,000 partner camping locations.
  • Retail discounts at Gander RV and Camping World
  • Free dump station services at participating locations.
  • 15% off propane at Camping World and Gander RV
  • 5 cents off gas and 8 cents off diesel at Pilot and Flying J locations

As you probably know, Good Sam also offers RV insurance, roadside assistance, extended service plans, RV loans, etc., but those are not included in the base membership.

The best way to think about it is that a Good Sam Club membership is best for a “typical” RVer. You can save a lot of money with it! If you avoid Camping World and big campgrounds like the plague, then you might not find it so useful.

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