RV Solar Is Way, Way Easier Than You Think!

The solar industry is dominated by geeks (and I use that term with respect) who love to discuss the ins and outs of monocrystalline panel efficiency, maximum power point tracking, and other technobabble. If you’re

Guide to Beginner FAQs about RV Solar Power Systems

Right now, solar power is basking in the limelight. “It’ll charge your batteries for free,” says the salesman, “and allow you to boondock anywhere you want!” The highlights are legion: Solar power is green. It’s

RV Solar-Prep Package: What’s In a Name?

RV salespeople luuuuuuv solar-ready or solar-prep packages. They’re easy talking points – and oh look, it comes with a sticker! Pretty . . . Unfortunately, they may not mean much else. Solar-ready RV (SRRV) packages