Walkie Talkies: RV Travel Tip


The Colorado Great Sand Dunes, the Louisiana Bayou, eastern Montana Big Sky Country, Oregon’s Hells Canyon, the Pennsylvania Wilds – I’ve been to all of them.

And guess what? None of them had any cell phone service.

I was traveling with companions during some of those trips. They drove their own vehicles. And when the signal bars disappeared, I improved communication by sticking my arm out the window and gesticulating wildly in some sort of caveman sign language.

If was smart, I would’ve had a walkie-talkie.

Here are 7 reasons why.

walkie-talkie on hip

1. No Cellular Service Needed

The main advantage of an RV walkie-talkie is no cellular signal is necessary. With a long-range two-way radio, you can communicate over the airwaves, no matter if you’re in Alaska, Alabama, or G-Ma’s back yard.

2. Safer While Driving

There’s no need to swipe, enter a PIN, press speed dial, or yell at Siri when using an RV walkie-talkie. You just hold, press, and speak. Mash n’ talk.

And best of all, no one can easily ignore your call!

Now, in many states, using a handheld communication device while driving is illegal. So be streetsmart and invest in a two-way radio headset, which allows you to listen and respond without removing your hands from the wheel.

And you can pretend you’re a fighter pilot and make airplane noises.

Psst … a walkie-talkie would have helped me almost save someone’s life, once. I tell the story at Porch.com’s roundup article, “Home Security Measures for RVs and Mobile Homes.” Check it out!

3. Won’t Break When Dropped

I’ve used lots of walkie-talkie radios in manufacturing. And I’ve dropped my radio roughly 1,524 times on the concrete floor. And it still works. These RV two-way radios are tough, durable, water- and dust-resistant. 

4. Radio Battery Lasts Forever

I don’t know about you, but my smartphone battery never seems to get above 60% when I’m traveling. I use it too much and charge too little.

If I use an RV walkie-talkie, I can A) charge my phone more and B) drain less of my phone battery!

5. No Roaming Fees

RV two-way radios cost the same amount whether you’re boondocking in British Columbia, Canada or touring the canyons of northern Mexico: $0! Can’t do better than free.

6. Tracking Down Lost Kids

I jest, but I can’t tell you how many hours of my childhood could have been saved if my siblings and I had walkie-talkies leashed to our hips.

An RV walkie-talkie isn’t just useful on the road! It really comes into its own corraling kids roaming around the campground.

For that matter, some of these 2-way radios have ranges of 20 miles or more! Why not bring them along on your backcountry hike? They just might save a life!

7. Emergency Weather Alerts

Medium- and higher-end RV CB radios come with weather information. These radios scan the Family Radio Service, which, among other things, has access to NOAA weather alerts. And remember – these alerts work regardless of your phone signal!

This is more or less what my face looks like after writing this article. Why, oh why, did I wait so long to purchase an RV 2-way radio?

I could have saved myself flat tires, wrong turns, dropped phone calls (and maybe even a citation ticket or two). 

Do as I say, not as I do.

Get a 2-way RV radio! You won’t regret it.

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