Can Batteries Be Safely Installed Inside an RV?

Can batteries be installed inside an RV? No, lead-acid batteries cannot be installed inside an RV without being inside an approved battery box vented to the outside. Yes, lithium batteries can be installed inside an

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Inside an RV

It’s invisible. It’s odorless. It’s tasteless. And it can kill you: the “quiet killer.” Sounds like a teaser trailer to a B-grade horror film, but we’re talking about carbon monoxide (CO). Today’s topic: How NOT

Does Your RV Propane/CO Detector Keep Beeping?

I hope you’re reading this post from the comfort of your couch, not skim-reading this sentence as a high-pitched alarm rattles inside your cranium. If your RV propane alarm is going off right now, may