From The Road: “What’s the Verdict on Slide-Toppers?”

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Are slide toppers a worthy addition? I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Jill and tom

It’s no secret that RV slide-outs are a leak waiting to happen. There are only a few OEM systems on the market. Very few RV manufacturers design or fabricate their own machine mechanisms).

The whole point of an RV slide topper is to prevent leaves, branches, and other debris (like bird poop) from accumulating on your slides, and to reduce the chance of rain-driven leaks.

I, too, have heard mixed reviews. Are they worth the extra cleaning efforts? Do they really keep out rain long-term?

Over the years, I’ve become more of a fan of slide-toppers than not. I especially recommend them for any kind of long-term camping. They’ll extend the life of your sealants and rubber seals. Slide-outs often leak when branches get stuck between the roof wiper seal and the slide-out room roof. Slide-toppers can reduce this problem.

But if I was a 75-degree-and-sunny kind of camper that only uses my camper a handful of times per year, I don’t think they’re essential.

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